Being a good teammate goes beyond how many points you score. We believe our people make us great, and we build our teams to have diverse, thoughtful individuals with a strong point of view and good character.


Our content teams live and breathe social and video. We partner with producers, editors, content strategists and others to bring ideas to life quickly. It’s a fast-paced environment, with platforms and consumption habits constantly evolving. We embrace new forms of storytelling, provide our team with resources for inspiration and are not afraid to take risks. The majority of these teams are based in NYC.


Our product teams aim to create meaningful user-centric experiences to enrich the life of the modern sports fan. We work collaboratively in cross-disciplinary squads to solve problems holistically and ship features quickly. We put a strong emphasis on understanding user behavior, product thinking and building community. Our roots are in San Francisco.

Our Values

The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. We believe the best teams are built on trust and collaboration. Members embrace a positive and selfless attitude.

We embrace change, constantly looking to reinvent ourselves and discover newness in our work. We believe our differences make us stronger and produce a richer, more well-rounded body of work.

We value a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds. We believe our differences make us stronger and produce a richer, more well rounded body of work.

We are invested in our staff and their growth. We are committed to nurturing and empowering our creatives, helping them succeed. We care about upholding an enriching department culture and positive work environment.